Every once in a while we need to relax and disconnect from our busy life and problems. There are many simple things that you can do to help you relax and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

1. Take a deep breath

Close your eyes and take a deep breath… inhale and exhale in a peaceful rhythm, do this for about 5 minutes with your eyes closed. 

As you inhale, think that you are receiving all good things and energy from the world. As you exhale, think that you are letting go all the bad and the tension that are inside of you. 

2. Smile

Smile all the time! Smiling brings good energy to you and the people around you. It keep you calm and positive during the day. 

3. Go for a Walk

Walking calmly around the block, on a trail or just around the neighborhood turns your mind to a different tune, making you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

4. Stretch

Stretching releases all the tension from your muscles and body. It discharges the stress and recharges you with good energy. 

5. Turn Off Your Smartphone

Disconnect a little from the world around you. Your smartphone has so many functionalities and it is always interrupting you with something new… therefore you are always anxious to see your friends and family latest update on Facebook, you can get interrupted with phone calls… text… the news. 

6. Listen to Your Favorite Song

Listening to music gives you a new mindset; it brings you energy and memories. Turn the volume to a comfortable level and enjoy your favorite song. Sing along if you want and enjoy.

7. Meditate

Meditation is probably one of the best things to do to relax. It lowers your stress and anxiety. Some people like to meditate in the mornings; early risers know that it is the best time of the day to do it. Some enjoy doing in the afternoon or before bed. Try what works best for you.  

8. Read a Good Book

Reading a book is always a great way to relax, particularly if you are in a quiet place surrounded with nature. It doesn’t matter if it is a fiction or nonfiction book, what matters is the appreciation you have for the subject as you immerge reading it. You are never alone, if you have a good book to read. 

9. Laugh

Have you every laughed that your stomach hurts? Do you remember the feeling of it? Laughing is a great way to relax not only your mind, but also your whole body as you forget (even if is for a brief moment) most of the sad feelings, hurt and worries that are bothering you. 

10. Talk with a Friend

Talking with your best friends, the ones that really care about you. When you can be yourself and do the things that, you like with them. 

11. Take a Bath

Warm water calms you, if you have a bathtub, prepare yourself a good bath, put some music on. Invest on a nice soap or bath lotion and candles. 
Take a hot shower and massage yourself, rub your shoulders and the back of your neck. Let the water run on top of your head massaging it. Let go any thoughts or worries you have and enjoy.

12. Massage Yourself or Get a Massage

Massaging is also a good way to relax. You can learn many self-massage techniques. Go to a quiet and relaxing room, where you can put some musing and use a nice body/massage lotion with a good scent. Massage yourself or ask your partner to massage you. Massaging each other is a great way to relax and stay connected.